2018 Central Ravens Fresno recruitement grades 1-6 (see below).Coaches from the Central Ravens Fresno have decided to keep the legacy going. If your child is interested in playing for the Central Ravens this year, click here to go to the Central Ravens Fresno Facebook. Jim and James Martinez the founders of the Northwest/Central Ravens have retired after 30+ years of service to the community. We have developed a ton of outstanding football players in the past. These individuals were outstanding players at all levels of high school. The talent we developed was not confined to Central, but to all the top high schools in Fresno/Clovis. Plenty of our former players were accepted to very successful division 1 colleges. If you follow the local media, chances of them being a former Raven is very likely. Congratulations to all former Ravens for your success in your football carreer and thank you for letting us help build the foundation to make you a stand out player/individual. Once a Raven always a Raven. RaaVeeeens!!!