Sept 12 games

The weekend games at Central West Campus brought some long awaited cheers. In the Junior division, the Fresno Pirates walked away with their first win of the 09 season, final score Pirates 25 Madera 0. In the Senior division the Madera Stallions rode away with their first victory Madera 26 Pirates 13.    

Games played in Sanger. The Juniors division, Hoover is still looking for a win with the final score Hoover 0 Sanger Chaparrals 26. Northwest Ravens came in and nested a win over Sanger Chiefs 20-0.   The Senior division was a sweep for Sanger, Hoover 0 Sanger Chaparrals 48 and Sanger Chiefs 25 Northwest Ravens 12.  

We would like to remind everyone WCFA does not believe in games ending in a tie. For that reason alone we have mandated the overtime rule. We follow college overtime rules. Each team will have the opportunity to play offense and defense. Because of this rule it has made for some real football. Most leagues will end in a tie then decide later who will go to playoffs. WCFA believes that a winner should walk away proud and not be judge later or even be denied a playoff berth due to undecided games. Come see what we are talking about. It is an experience you won't forget.