WCFA 2010 Champions Swept the MCYF Champions Madera, CA

WCFA Champions  played The Madera Youth and Cheer Football Champions in Madera Saturday November 13, 2010 at Thomas Jefferson Middle School football field. It was a sweep for WCFA Teams with the following scores: Northwest Ravens 30-Madera Raptors 0, Fresno Pirates 28-Madera Ravens 22 and Sanger Chiefs 29-Madera Huskies 0. We would like to thank everyone involved in this annual event.    

Championship Games Scores: JUNIORS-HOOVER 13 PIRATES 54, SENIORS SANGER BLUE 6 SANGER RED 0. Congratulations Fresno Pirates and Sanger Chiefs for an Outstanding year and for becoming the 2010 WCFA Champions.

JUNIOR TEAMS: SANGER RED 6-1 (1st seed), FRESNO PIRATES 6-1 (2nd seed), NW RAVENS 5-2 (3rd seed), HOOVER 2-5 (4th seed), MADERA 1-6 (5th seed), SANGER BLUE 1-6 (6th seed).

SENIOR TEAMS: SANGER RED 7-0 (1st seed), SANGER BLUE 5-2 (2nd seed), RAVENS 5-2 (3rd seed), PIRATES 3-4 (4th seed), MADERA 1-6 (5th seed), HOOVER 0-7 (6th seed).  


RAVENS WIN 2010 PEE WEE SHOOT (more to follow.  

We would like to congratulate the parents and coaching staff of the Northwest Ravens for putting together there Home Coming activities. Your dedication in finding sponsors and creating a night for your outgoing players is outstanding. WCFA would like to thank all those involved and wish all outgoing six graders good luck on your future football ventures.