Sept 19

The weekend of September 19th was good to Sanger as both Red and Blue teams won there games in both divisions. Also the Ravens kept the wins coming, with wins over Hoover in the Junior and Senior division. Our game of the week will be between the visiting Sanger Red Juniors and the Northwest Ravens Juniors (5 pm) both teams are undefeated and one will go home with a lost. The Sanger Seniors are also coming in undefeated while the Ravens have only one lost (7 pm). These games will be played at Central West Campus and will feature Home Coming for the Northwest Ravens as well as Blackout Night (this is where all Ravens fans dress in black). Come out, have fun and enjoy yourself. 

The following are the games scores for this weekend.


Sanger Red 40 Madera 0

Sanger Blue 13 Pirates 7

Ravens 19 Hoover 8


Sanger Red 40 Madera 14

Sanger Blue 53 Pirates 19

Ravens 25 Hoover 6